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Electronics Letters

Volume 50, Issue 15, 17 July 2014

Volume 50, Issue 15

17 July 2014

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    • Numerical simulation of electromagnetic field distribution induced in brain by electrical stimulation
      Precision analysis of single-element ultrasound sensor for kinematic analysis of knee joints
      Sensing probe for 3–6 GHz microwave imaging systems
    • Constant twiddle factor multiplier sharing in multipath delay feedback parallel pipelined FFT processors
      Design of ternary clock generator
      Small-swing domino logic based on twist-connected transistors
    • Energy complementarity featured hybrid discrete geometric method for capacitance extraction of integrated circuits
    • Memory-efficient SURF architecture for ASIC implementation
      Performance evaluation of large 3D fingerprint databases
      Profiling of HEVC encoder
      Robustness of Radon transform to white additive noise: general case study
    • Compact bandpass filter with improved upper stopband
      Low-power 25.4–33.5 GHz programmable multi-modulus frequency divider
      Differential broadband filter based on microstrip coupled line structures
      In situ integrated tuner approach for load-pull measurement of Si/SiGe:C HBT at 200 GHz
      Mapping smooth profile H-plane rectangular waveguide structures to substrate integrated waveguide technology
      Metamaterial absorber-based sensor embedded into X-band waveguide
      Hardware block for use in programmable microwave function arrays
      UWB bandpass filter with sharp rejection and narrow notched band
      Shifted dispersion-induced RF-fading based continuously tunable optoelectronic oscillator
      Ultra-wideband unequal in-phase power divider using three-line coupled structure
    • Photonic crystal fibre-based polarimetric sensor for cure monitoring of magnetorheological smart composite material
      High-power in-phase coherently coupled VCSEL array based on proton implantation
      Resonant LED driver with inherent constant current and power factor correction
    • Anomalous drain-induced barrier lowering effect of thin-film transistors due to capacitive coupling voltage of light-shield metal
      Effect of Cu and PdCu wire bonding on bond pad splash
    • Reducing handover delays for seamless multimedia service in IEEE 802.11 networks
      Large size FFTs over time-varying channels

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