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Electronics Letters

Volume 50, Issue 12, 05 June 2014

Volume 50, Issue 12

05 June 2014

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    • Compact tri-band metamaterial-inspired antenna based on CRLH resonant structures
      Ultra-wideband planar LPDA antenna with mode converter balun
    • Improved brushless DC motor speed controller with digital signal processor
    • Augmented radial basis function neural network predistorter for linearisation of wideband power amplifiers
      Miniature wideband bandpass filter based on electric and magnetic coupling paths
      Tunable 245 GHz transmitter and receiver in SiGe technology for gas spectroscopy
    • Bandwidth enhancement technique for CMOS RGC transimpedance amplifier
    • Dopingless super-steep impact ionisation MOS (dopingless-IMOS) based on work-function engineering
    • Compact inductorless CMOS low-noise amplifier for reconfigurable radio
      Distributed range-free localisation algorithm for wireless sensor networks
      Structured compressive sensing based superimposed pilot design in downlink large-scale MIMO systems
      Video transmission over IEEE 802.11ac downlink multi-user: max–min fair link adaptation strategy

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