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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 9, 1 May 1969

Volume 5, Issue 9

1 May 1969

Acoustic bulk-surface-wave transducer
Use of nonuniform dielectrics on surface-wave structures
Push-pull operation of transferred-electron oscillators
Review and comparison of drift-correction schemes for periodic crosscorrelation
Simple expressions for the effect of substrate doping on the gain of m.o.s.t.s
Criterion for mode uncoupling in oblique-incidence scattering from radially inhomogeneous cylinders
Stability of p.c.m.-oscillator synchronisation systems with sampled error signals
Stability of bulk negative-resistance material
Electron-temperature, density and gas-temperature measurements in an argon afterglow
Efficiency peaking in red-light-emitting gallium-phosphide diodes
Theoretical analysis of cylindrical hybrid modes in a corrugated horn
Analysis of spherical hybrid modes in a corrugated conical horn
Adaptive delta modulation
Cutoff frequency of the TMc11 mode in a hollow conducting elliptical waveguide
M.I.S. capacitance in heavy inversion
Observation of faults in convertor bridges
Experimental evidence of transit-time effects in silicon punch-through diodes
Digital notch filters
Boundary and volume filtering of linear distributed-parameter systems
Resonance absorption of microwave longitudinal phonons in transversally magnetised [100] y.i.g. rods

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