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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 8, 17 April 1969

Volume 5, Issue 8

17 April 1969

Harmonic generation using Gunn diodes
Relaxation oscillations due to impact ionisation in epitaxial sheet-type Gunn oscillators
Equivalence of the noise figures of common-source and common-gate f.e.t. circuits
Synthesis of asymptotically stable discrete-time closed-loop linear systems
Parametrically generated high-efficiency low-frequency oscillations in avalanche diodes
Resonance of a plane capacitor containing inhomogeneous and anisotropic plasma
Computer simulation of u.h.f.-transistor small-signal behaviour at high frequencies
Symbolic functions and first-order operators
Phase-only acoustic holography
Transistor fabrication using diffusion barriers produced by electron beams
Voltage and conductivity dependence of the frequency of an acoustoelectric oscillator
Optimum longitudinal electro-optic effect in oblique-cut lithium-niobate plates
Fourier analysis of pseudorandom binary sequences
Erratum: Numerical calculations of the capacitance of linearly graded Si p-n junctions
Erratum: Criterion for the stability of a fourth-order position control system

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