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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 7, 3 April 1969

Volume 5, Issue 7

3 April 1969

Measurement of the coupling efficiency between dielectric-loaded rectangular waveguides and dielectric-loaded trough waveguides
Method dealing with the experimental determination of the hyperabrupt-junction varactor characteristics
Piezoelectric generation and detection of ultrasonic surface waves by interdigital electrodes: an electrical equivalent circuit
Comment: Solution of the Lyapunov matrix equation with a diagonal input matrix, obtained without matrix inversion
Optimised frequency multipliers using an ideal step-recovery diode without idlers
Simple ultra-lowpass filter (diode brake)
Active reactance compensation of parametric amplifiers
Perturbation analysis in dielectric-loaded waveguides
New technique for digital phase-shift control
Decomposition of time-varying LC elements and the state-space formulation
General principle of electrical equivalence for nonuniform transmission lines
Power spectrum of a pulse train specified by its probability-generating function
Stability of a sinusoidal-perturbation extremal-control system
Transmission system with cascade phase modulation by dividing the baseband spectrum into subbands
Waveform transmission with permutation modulation
Low-frequency negative resistance of X band Gunn diodes
Dynamic characteristics of a mutually synchronised system
Systematic method of calculating the amplitude spectra of waveform sequences
Microwave-frequency synthetisers
Contraction-mapping fixed-point theorem and finite-time stability

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