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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 5, 6 March 1969

Volume 5, Issue 5

6 March 1969

Adaptive-logic trees for use in multilevel-circuit design
Measurement of ferrite parameters at microwave frequencies
New feedback-stabilised analogue multiplier
Frequency response of a thin-film transmission line
Gain stabilisation of parametric amplifiers
New principle for wideband mode coupling
Rectangular-pulse generator and memory element with a Gunn diode
Thermal effects in modulated IMPATT oscillators
Series operation of avalanche transistors
Mode coefficients in a sectoral horn by ray theory
Comment: Criterion for the stability of a fourth-order position control system
Reply: Criterion for the stability of a fourth-order position control system
Approximation theorem for establishing root-locus topology
Partial-fraction expansion and inversion of rational Laplace transforms
Transistor thermal-resistance measurement using the ultralinear-thermometer principle
Recovery of random data from additive noise using real-time correlation of probability functions
Pulsed J band (12.4–18 GHz) Gunn-effect oscillators
Electromagnetic resonances of a free ferrite sphere
Phase variability of omega navigational transmissions
Gunn-effect cavity-controlled generator
Erratum: High-Q factor circuit with reduced sensitivity
Erratum: Spectral response of a point-contact diode in the submillimetre range
Erratum: Suggestion for an i.c. fast parallel multiplier
Erratum: Small-hole couplers

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