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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 3, 6 February 1969

Volume 5, Issue 3

6 February 1969

Beam-scanning primary feed for parabolic reflectors
Leaky waves on a dielectric rod
Circuit behaviour of oscillating CdS platelets
High-efficiency avalanche-resonance pumped amplification
Differentiating circuits with nonlinear resistance and capacitance
Algorithm for coefficients of stagger-tapered distributed RC networks
Electric discharges on water surfaces
Suppression of travelling high-field-domain mode oscillations in GaAs by dielectric surface loading
Suggestion for an i.c. fast parallel multiplier
General orthogonality relation for waveguide containing bianisotropic materials
Memory loop with Gunn-effect pulse diodes
Numerical calculations of the capacitance of linearly graded Si p-n junctions
Hermite-Hurwitz and Hermite-Bilharz links using matrix multiplication
Effect of viscous damping on pasek's method for determining d.c. servomotor time constants
RC active allpass sections
Optimum distributed-parameter Butterworth-filter type as a limiting case of the optimum Cheby̅shev approximation
Erratum: Interference between station identities on WISDOM

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