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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 24, 27 November 1969

Volume 5, Issue 24

27 November 1969

Experimental study of flicker noise in m.i.s. field-effect transistors
Lyapunov function having the stability matrix of Hermite in its time derivative
On state of chalcogenide glass switches
Triggering times of Gunn diodes
Theorem on positive real functions having only negative real critical frequencies
Transformation to canonical forms
Finite-element coupling matrices
Extending Valand's transient-response formula
Implementation of Turing machines as finite automata
Magnetostatic surface modes of a y.i.g. slab
Detection of surface targets in sea clutter by shipborne radar
New proof for Kalman's criterion of state controllability
Frequency tuning of CdS platelets
Variation of velocity/field curve of GaAs in the temperature range 40–180°C
Forms of probability-density functions obtainable from summed m sequences
Reframing statistics of p.c.m. multiplex transmission
Algorithm for inversion of large matrices by iteration
Uncoupling of modes in multidimensionally inhomogeneous curvilinear cylinders
Erratum: Analogue-computer model for a gallium-arsenide l.s.a. diode
Erratum: Generalised-function representations of nonlinear devices with Gaussian inputs

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