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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 23, 13 November 1969

Volume 5, Issue 23

13 November 1969

Self modulation at gigahertz frequencies of a diode laser coupled to an external cavity
Electromagnetic scattering by a helical sheath
First-order correction for zero-order hold distortion in sampled-data filters
Current-mode circuits for ternary-logic realisation
Algorithms for majority-logic check equations of maximal-length codes
Digital communication in fading channels using incoherent carriers
Equivalent circuit for the acoustoelectric oscillator
Low-frequency operation of avalanche diodes under large-signal conditions
Unsymmetrical bandpass and bandstop digital filters
Mismatched linear active 2-ports
Controlled wide-range quadrature phase-shift network
Simplified model for avalanche-resonance-pumped semiconductor diodes
Radiation pattern of a lens-corrected conical scalar horn
Modification of the p.r.b.n. crosscorrelation method to correct for the effect of nonlinearity
Generalisation of the unstiffening process for stiff nonlinear systems
Simple analysis method for a class of nonlinear networks of arbitrary order of complexity
Thin-film coaxial-cable equaliser
Efficient evaluation of transient response for high-order systems of wide bandwidth
Optimum pole positions for Laguerre-function models
Difference between the TM11 mode in a circular and elliptical waveguide
Influence de la réduction de mobilite due au champ transversal sur les caractéristiques des transistors m.o.s. (Influence on the characteristics of m.o.s. transistors of the mobility reduction due to a transverse electric field

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