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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 22, 30 October 1969

Volume 5, Issue 22

30 October 1969

New return difference
Polarity reversal in the detected output of a point-contact diode at submillimetre wavelengths
Stability results for optimal systems
Allowance for relativistic effects in space-charge spreading of an electron beam
Use of Routh-Hurwitz algorithm for determining the number of negative-real-axis zeros in a given polynomial having real coefficients
Fast inverse Laplace transformation of functions containing one multiple pole
Semiquantitative treatment of transients in silicon epitaxial diodes
Approximation for the response of capacitively loaded transmission-line networks in the time domain
Surface-wave effects with large antenna earth screens
Gettering of impurities from gallium arsenide
Limiting sets of time-varying passive networks
Superposition and separation of a u.h.f. wave and a fast-risetime pulse
Synthesis of asymptotically stable linear time-invariant closed-loop systems incorporating multivariable 3-term controllers
Determination of the optimum successive overrelaxation parameter for the solution of Laplace's equation
Analysis of a rectangular waveguide junction incorporating a row of rectangular posts
Bandwidth properties of corrugated conical horns
New equivalent circuit of the p-n junction in the frequency-multiplying mode
Graphical simplification of switching functions with more than four variables
Stability of first-order sampling and thyristor systems
Calculation of radiation patterns
Periodic sampling and the Poisson transform
Erratum: Method of measuring time delay
Erratum: Switching mechanism in chalcogenide glasses

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