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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 21, 16 October 1969

Volume 5, Issue 21

16 October 1969

Natural conduction and thermal-activation energy in chlorobenzene and bromobenzene
Periodically modulated dielectrically filled waveguide as a microwave antenna
Focal-plane field distribution of parabolic reflectors
Experimental investigation of the input-impedance characteristics of an antenna in a rectangular waveguide
Floating-drive circuit for f.e.t. switches
Orthogonal decomposition of the 2-port network
Parameters of microstrip
Acoustoelectric interactions in cadmium-sulphide thin films
Accurate trimming of active rc filters by means of phase measurements
Output spectrum of IMPATT-diode oscillators
Performance of two types of log-periodic microwave circuit
Circular resonant structures in microstrip
Second-order spin-wave instability in Mn-Zn2Y planar hexagonal ferrites
Field-effect transistors with arbitrary charge distributions in the gate and in the channel
Low-sensitivity easily trimmed standard building block for active rc filters
Evidence of parametric conversion in the frequencies of acoustic domains in CdS
p-level sequences with primitive autocorrelation functions
Improved method of solution of 2-point boundary-value problems arising in optimal control
Charging time of a high-voltage impulse generator
Novel technique for measuring the Q factor of thin-film lumped elements at microwave frequencies
Field dependence of ionisation rates of electrons in silicon
Use of inverse Karnaugh maps in realisation of logic functions
Input synthesis for minimum covariance state and parameter estimation
Propagation characteristics of magnetoelastic surface wave
Ray method for scattering by small discontinuities in a waveguide

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