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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 20, 2 October 1969

Volume 5, Issue 20

2 October 1969

High-efficiency avalanche mode in microstrip
Microwave locating reflectometer
Stability criterion for Gunn oscillators with heavy surface loading
Planar Gunn-effect oscillators with concentric electrodes
Measurement of self and mutul impedances of two coupled cylindrical antennas in a hot plasma
Influence of a longitudinal magnetic field on the cathodic voltage drop of a low-current arc
New equivalent-circuit approach to acoustoelectric amplification
Visualisation of acoustic beames using liquid crystals
Fields of electric dipole on radially inhomogeneous ground surface
Electron-beam deflection and registration for information storage
Method for location of clusters of patterns to initialise a learning machine
Comment on ‘Efficient method for the calculation of first- and second-order network sensitivities’
Experimental radiation pattern of the corrugated conical-horn antenna with small flare angle
Experimental determination of the ratio of injected hole current and total current in silicon nitride
Generalised-function representations of nonlinear devices with Gaussian inputs
Small corrugated conical-horn antenna with wide flare angle
Improvements in efficiency and tunability of Gunn oscillators by dielectric-surface loading
Influence of circuit parameters on Gunn-oscillator performance
Generation of multiple simultaneous beams by aperture phase control
Design equations for a 2-branch stripline directional coupler/impedance transformer
Frequency-insensitive phase-shift networks and their use in a wide-bandwidth Butler matrix
Analogue-computer model for a gallium-arsenide l.s.a. diode
Electrical characteristics of p type germanium layers doped by ion implantation
Bandstop filter for the H10 mode in a rectangular waveguide
Optimal regulator with bounds on the derivative of the input
Elimination of delay times in xband Gunn-effect oscillators using r.f. injection

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