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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 19, 18 September 1969

Volume 5, Issue 19

18 September 1969

Logic hybrid computers: an essential operator
Special class of symmetric Boolean functions: proof and comment
Computation of electric-field configurations in anisotropic electro-optic crystals
Mean electron energy in a CO2 laser plasma
Short-term frequency stability of the HCN maser
Technique for improving the frequency/temperature characteristics of 3cm-band Gunn oscillators
Observation of Doppler-shifted acoustic cyclotron resonance in the frequency spectrum of the microwave emission from ntype InSb
General power-series description of multiplicative nonlinear systems
Initial time constants of the Gunn-domain space-charge growth
Error-free identification using maximally orthogonal p.r.b.n. sequences
Observation of multiple high-field domains in a dielectric-surface-loaded GaAs bulk element
Electrode interactions in acoustic surface-wave transducers
Stability of feedback systems containing a single monotonic nonlinearity
Realisation of transfer functions using one amplifier
Electric strength of fluorocarbon liquids under repetitive pulse voltages
Switching mechanism in chalcogenide glasses
Anodic oxide electrets
Analysis of linear microstrip using an arbitrary ferromagnetic substance as the substrate
Determination of pulse-transfer function of a digital filter from prescribed partial requirements

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