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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 18, 4 September 1969

Volume 5, Issue 18

4 September 1969

Transient frequency response of transmittance-peaked i.f. filters with application to null-zone detection
Comparison of tem with waveguide-below-cutoff resonators
Delay analysis of a magnetoelastic delay line by field pulsing
Fast decimal-binary conversion
Improved method of measurement of transient load angle
Effect of boundary conditions on the propagation of surface magnetostatic waves in a transversely magnetised thin y.i.g. slab
Iterative array for the reprocessing of hand-printed characters
Improved method of measuring the load angle of synchronous machines
Improved technique for voltage measurement in the scanning-electron microscope
Combined pulse-modulation scheme for feedback systems
Method of measuring time delay
Notched stripline resonator
Influence of clipping during signal detection by crosscorrelation method
Iterative procedure for determining the best control-weighting matrix
Erratum: Enumeration of all cutsets of a graph

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