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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 17, 21 August 1969

Volume 5, Issue 17

21 August 1969

Proposed high-efficiency diode oscillator
Discharge repetition in an air-filled cavity in high-density polythene under high direct electric stresses at elevated temperatures
Polarisation of waves reflected from the ionosphere
Design algorithms for minimal-order Luenberger observers
Phase-locked degenerate parametric amplifier
Degenerate amplification with semiconductor diodes due to a self-generated avalanche-resonance pump
High-efficiency self-pulsed IMPATT oscillator circuit
Nonlinear frequency modulation by noise
Second-derivative sensitivity using the concept of the adjoint network
New analysis tool for graphs
Highly stable RC active filters
Dispersive Rayleigh waves on quartz
Program for selecting a tree of a connected network and for finding the corresponding F matrix
Computation of near-field aperture diffraction by a cylinder
Two-dimensional solution of the d.c. characteristics for the m.o.s.t.
Dynamic elastance of a Gunn diode
Tolerance of nonlinearities in linear optical regulators with integral feedback
Cutoff wavelengths and frequencies of standard rectangular waveguides
Output saturation in GaP red lamps
High-resolution laser interferometer for measurement of electron density in transient plasma
Equivalent circuit of an evanescent-mode inductive element
Rayleigh hypothesis in scattering problems
Resonance-frequency behaviour of a cavity with an evanescent section
Un resultat sur l'application de procédés limites de synthèse à des fonctions booléennes (Result of limited synthesis procedures applied to switching)
New analysis of f.e.t. saturation
Erratum: Power spectrum of a pulse train specified by its probability-generating function
Erratum: Microwave emission and acoustoelectric excitation in differently orientated nInSb
Erratum: Negative-resistance amplifiers using three-terminal Gunn devices
Erratum: Gunn-effect cavity-controlled generator

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