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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 14, 10 July 1969

Volume 5, Issue 14

10 July 1969

Gunn instabilities with surface loading
Subnanosecond pulse coupling of an He-Ne laser
Broadband amplification with Gunn diodes
Cycloconvertor amplifier allowing wide variation in load impedance
Power amplification using an avalanche diode
Readily biased wideband gyrator circuit for floating or earthed inductors
New type of time-varying octave filter
Optimum semiconductor for microwave devices
Simple microwave holograms and moiré fringes using the ‘spinning-dipole’ field-perturbation technique
Calculation of transients on unsymmetrical multiconductor line systems using the graphical method
Amplification of acoustic surface waves with two sets of carriers
Calculation of growth rates in oscillators
Design of asynchronous logic with unconstrained input variation
Magnetoelastic surface wave in ferrites
Transients in an ammonia-maser oscillator
General rule for the compensation of the sensitivity of a network to its active devices
Erratum: Optimum longitudinal electro-optic effect in oblique-cut lithium-niobate plates

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