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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 12, 12 June 1969

Volume 5, Issue 12

12 June 1969

Modulation disturbances in reflex klystrons caused by ions and slow electrons
Effect of electronegative impurities on electronic conduction in compressed nitrogen
Sensitivity of resist-coated silicon slices to argon-laser wavelengths
Surface-wave resonator coupling
Telegraph time-division-multiplex equipment for satellite-communication systems
Regular pulsing of gallium-arsenide-diode laser
Fully iterative fast array for binary multiplication and addition
Quasistationary noise in resistors
Fourier analysis of a dielectric-loaded waveguide with a microstrip line
Resonances of an axially magnetised plasma column with hollow and perfectly conducting cores
Comment on ‘An improved method of analysing nonlinear electrical networks’ [and reply]
Scattering due to irregularities on dielectric or optical fibres
Unstiffening process for nonlinear electrical networks
Analogue-digital-convertor modification giving a four-times speed gain
Tunnel-diode transient analysis
Equivalence of the Rayleigh solution and the extended-boundary-condition solution for scattering problems

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