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Electronics Letters

Volume 5, Issue 10, 15 May 1969

Volume 5, Issue 10

15 May 1969

Cathodoluminescence of oxygen-implanted zinc-doped gallium phosphide
Technique for the measurement of the percentage of power in the single spurious mode of an overmoded waveguide
Distributed RC networks with rational immittances
Realisation of nonuniform RC networks with rational admittances
Enumeration of all cutsets of a graph
Correction of a Smith-chart display through bilinear transformations
Computer program to obtain the time response of sampled-data systems
Digital-filter frequency response
Delayed versions of linear sequences
Second-order sensitivity analysis of a linear system
Second-order sensitivity analysis of a nonlinear system
Design of observers of reduced dynamics
Investigation of waveguide-below cutoff resonators for solid-state active devices
Frequency-modulation sensitivity of Gunn oscillators
Analogue-computer model for an avalanche-diode oscillator
Intrinsic compensation of sidelobes in a dispersive acoustic delay line
Stability of a sinusoidal-perturbation extremal-control system
Probability-density functions of digitally filtered msequences
Compensation of time delay and smoothing errors in hybrid computation loops

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