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Volume 49, Issue 24, 21 November 2013

Volume 49, Issue 24

21 November 2013

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    • Hyperbolically frequency modulated transducer in SAW sensors and tags
    • Adaptive classification algorithm for EMC-compliance testing of electronic devices
      Enhanced passive equaliser using open-stub structure
      Experimental demonstration of nonlinear waveform-dependent metasurface absorber with pulsed signals
    • 75 nm T-shaped gate for In0.17Al0.83N/GaN HEMTs with minimal short-channel effect
      15–40 GHz wideband CMOS mixer
      6-kV, 130-ps rise-time pulsed-power circuit featuring cascaded compression by fast recovery and avalanche diodes
      Compact UWB BPF using coupled-line triple-mode resonator
      High-selective wideband bandpass filter with adjustable notched-band using stub-loaded resonator
      Tunable bandpass filter with low-loss and enhanced selectivity based on controllable coupled negative resistance
    • Spectroscopic photo I–V diagnostics of nitride-based high electron mobility transistor structures on Si wafers

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