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Volume 49, Issue 16, 01 August 2013

Volume 49, Issue 16

01 August 2013

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    • Avalanche current read-out circuit for low-jitter parallel photon timing
      Design of large dynamic range, low-power, high-precision ROIC for quantum dot infrared photo-detector
      Flat super-continuum generation using carbon-nanotube-based modelocked laser and normal dispersion photonic crystal fibre
      High-speed 850 nm VCSELs operating error free up to 57 Gbit/s
    • Device characteristics of InAlSb/InAs and InAlSb/InAsSb HFETs
      Feasibility of coaxial through silicon via 3D integration
      High field-effect mobility amorphous InSnZnO thin-film transistors with low carrier concentration and oxygen vacancy
      Optimisation and length scaling of raised drain buried oxide SOI tunnel FET
      Yield-driven design of tunnelling SRAM cells
    • Compact CMOS IR-UWB transmitter using variable-order Gaussian pulse generator
      Optimal sensor deployment for WSNs in grid environment

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