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Electronics Letters

Volume 47, Issue 26, 22 December 2011

Volume 47, Issue 26

22 December 2011

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    • Semiconductors for early detection and therapy
      Piet Bergveld - 40 years of ISFET technology: From neuronal sensing to DNA sequencing
      Interview with David Cumming
      ISFET technology for multi-sensor technology: from lab-in-a-pill to massively parallel measurements
      Interview with Philipp Häfliger
      Time domain ADC for blood glucose implant
      Interview with Carlotta Guiducci
      3D integration technology for lab-on-a-chip applications
      Profile: Patrick Soon-Shiong
      Ultra-low-power semiconductors for wireless vital signs early warning systems
      Interview with Lionel Tarassenko
      Semiconductor wireless technology for chronic disease management
      Interview with Andreas G. Andreou
      Johns Hopkins on the chip: microsystems and cognitive machines for sustainable, affordable, personalised medicine and healthcare

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