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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 9, 3 May 1968

Volume 4, Issue 9

3 May 1968

Narrow-bandpass filtering with modulation
Fast-response automatic ellipsometer
Generalised distributions of nonuniformity of hypergeometric transmission line
Photoelectric determination of the difference between work functions of metals
Use of bistatic radar techniques to improve resolution in the vertical plane
Phase-plane trajectories for linear-p.c.m.-oscillator control systems
Improving the transient-response characteristics of pulse filters with parabolic distribution of poles
Time-weighted performance-index evaluation
pn junction as an ultralinear calculable thermometer
Optimally sensitive networks
Iterative logical network for parallel multiplication
Evaluation of i.f. impedance of the diode from d.c. analysis
Autocorrelation function of the quantisation-error process for a sinusoid
Erratum: Magnetostatic surface waves on a y.i.g. slab
Erratum: Determination of the parameters of a 2-phase drag-cup accelerometer

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