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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 8, 19 April 1968

Volume 4, Issue 8

19 April 1968

Frequency stability of a monotron oscillator with superconducting cavity
Stability of linear second-order equations with time-varying coefficients
Amplifying properties of bulk negative-resistance material
A.M.- and f.m.-noise characteristics of solid-state microwave oscillators
Bistatic scattering matrix for a finite right-circular cylinder
Comments on ‘Quarter-wave transformer for a digital phase shifter’
Low-power method of adjustment of medium-wave directional antennas
Subharmonics produced in purely resistive networks with single sinusoidal inputs
Possible physical explanation of the observed behaviour of the hybrid TEM-dual surface wave in a coaxial cable having an electrically loaded inner conductor
Towards reducing errors in radar measurement of Faraday rotation
Calculation of the bandshape factor of a piezoelectric thin-film transducer
Generalised Cheby̅shev lowpass filters
Algebraic relations between system response and system parameters for linear time-invariant systems
Characteristics of an electrometric amplifier using a varactor diode

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