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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 7, 5 April 1968

Volume 4, Issue 7

5 April 1968

Frequency transformations for digital filters
Generalisation of the symmetry properties of gyrators and n.i.c. circuits
Iterative method of realisation of linearly separable switching functions
Synchronisation of two Qswitched solid-state lasers
Initial growth of domains in Gunn oscillators
Plane waves in a magnetoionic medium
Optimisation technique in delay-equaliser design by digital computer
Topology of a store-and-forward net
Transistor-tunnel-diode ternary-logic circuits
Lyapunov functionals for a class of wave equations
Temperature-compensated analogue multiplier
Calculated mode conversion at the sunrise boundary in the Earth-ionosphere waveguide
Magnetostatic surface waves on a y.i.g. slab
X band travelling-wave light-intensity modulator using ZnS crystals
High-frequency coaxial cables
Variable electronic allpass delay networks
Interpolation on the ω axis
Raised trigonometric and hyperbolic power lines
Erratum: Performance index based on the correlation between the responses of two systems
Erratum: Logical circuits for use in iterative arrays
Erratum: Simplified quadrature network

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