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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 5, 8 March 1968

Volume 4, Issue 5

8 March 1968

Microwave conductivity of polar semiconductors in the presence of a high electric field
Reduction of flicker noise in transistor amplifiers
Logical circuits for use in iterative arrays
Effect of source pattern on wedge diffraction
Simple theory for improving the efficiency of Gunn oscillators
Summed sensitivity of network functions
New gyrator circuits obtained by using nullors
Design of feedback networks by the use of 2-port methods
Poincare's index for double points of a second-order autonomous recurrence
Conditions for optimum noise performance in l.f. amplifiers employing junction f.e.t.s
Determination of Laplace-Poisson domain interface
Current waves on an infinite cylindrical antenna in a warm plasma
Damping of surface (sound) waves by the air

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