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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 26, 27 December 1968

Volume 4, Issue 26

27 December 1968

Optimisation of the ground wave over a stratified earth
Electromagnetic transient response of a spherical conducting shell
High-Q factor circuit with reduced sensitivity
Directly coupled active circulators
Small-hole couplers
Transit-time effects in bulk negative-mobility amplifiers
Acoustic holograms
Accuracy of the Volterra-series method for nonlinear differential equations
Experimental signal/noise-ratio comparison of the second-order phase-locked loop and the second-order frequency-locked loop
General theorem on symmetry-imposed decoupling of ports of a waveguide junction
Practical study of drift correction in p.r.b.n. crosscorrelation
Determination of pulse distortion in transmission-line systems having reactive terminations using the graphical method
3-terminal gyrator circuits using operational amplifiers
Intervalley scattering model of the Gunn domain
Simulation of function with variable poles
Experimental analysis of high-efficiency avalanche-resonance pumped oscillators
Single injection, double injection and negative resistance in gold-doped high-resistivity silicon
Root-sensitivity invariants
Circulator-capacitor networks
Spectral response of a point-contact diode in the submillimetre range
Factors affecting the force between electrical contacts
Erratum: Correlation-multiplex data-transmission system
Erratum: New criterion of realisability

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