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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 25, 13 December 1968

Volume 4, Issue 25

13 December 1968

Improved travelling-wave ZnS light modulator
Voltage divisions between nonlinear resistances with positive temperature coefficients
Edge injection and pinch-in effect of transistors with cylindrical geometry
1/f voltage noise in silicon planar bipolar transistors
Logical operations by interferometric techniques
Coaxial-slot surface-wave launcher
Diffusion capacitance of pn junctions and transistors
Input admittance of an insulated antenna in a plasma medium
Orthogonal polynomial approach for the marcum Qfunction numerical computation
High-efficiency microwave oscillations from Si avalanche diodes
Comments on Wiener's model of certain nonlinear systems
Efficient broadband excitation of the n = 0 surface magnetostatic waves in a y.i.g. slab
Negative-resistance amplifiers using three-terminal Gunn devices
Evanescent-mode resonator of pure te mode
Electric conduction in float-zone silicon after prolonged gamma irradiation
Electromagnetic wave propagation in spherically stratified isotropic media
Erratum: Fourier, Laplace and Hilbert transforms
Erratum: Stability properties of some gyrator circuits
Erratum: Iterative procedure for generating trees and directed trees
Erratum: Electromagnetic wave propagation in cylindrically stratified isotropic media

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