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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 24, 29 November 1968

Volume 4, Issue 24

29 November 1968

Surface fields and near fields of a linear antenna
High Q factor resonators in microstrip
New experiments on the behaviour of the hybrid TEM-dual surface wave in a coaxial cable
Differential equation for a linear combination of variables in a linear multivariable system
Simple proof of unconditional controllability and observability
Magnetic tuning of coaxial IMPATT oscillators
Spectral-matrix factorisation
Measurement of current pulses due to discharges in a gaseous cavity in solid dielectric
Discharge repetition in an air-filled cavity in polythene under high direct electric stresses
State-dependent current source stretches timer pulse widths
Bulk-material device with current-controlled negative resistance
Evaluation of transient response
Image restoration by aperture-correction techniques
Application of frequency-domain stability criteria to certain nonlinear position control systems
New criterion of realisability
Correlation-multiplex data-transmission system
Class of discrete integrating operators
Microwave amplification with GaAs avalanche diodes
Enhancement of s.e.c. target gain in television-camera tubes
‘Punch-through’ transit-time oscillator
Efficient frequency multiplication by odd factors without idlers
Simplified model for the domain dynamics in Gunn-effect semiconductors covered with dielectric sheets
Identification of discrete linear scalar systems by minimisation of a parametric norm
Identification of discrete multivariate systems by minimisation of a parametric norm

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