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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 21, 18 October 1968

Volume 4, Issue 21

18 October 1968

Exact solution for the diffusion of a charged particle in a time-varying electromagnetic field
High-power radio-frequency transistor amplifer
Computer calculations of the efficiency of the Gunn generator
Modular approach to higher-power avalanche-diode oscillators
Numerical study of avalanche multiplication in silicon pn abrupt junctions
Negative resistance in acoustically amplifying CdS with an S type current/voltage characteristic
Wide-range electronic tuning of a Gunn diode by an yttrium-iron garnet (y.i.g.) ferrimagnetic resonator
New class of magnitude/frequency convertors
Symmetrical and asymmetrical stable modes in systems for electronic stator control of asynchronous machines by semiconductor switches
Determination of the ambipolar diffusion coefficient of mercury-vapour plasma in the late-afterglow region
Generation of trees by algebraic methods
Distributed RC elements with rational short-circuit matrices
Theoretical efficiency of the l.s.a. mode for gallium arsenide at frequencies above 10GHz
Numerical inversion of the Laplace transform using Laguerre polynomials
Space-charge-limited insulated-gate surface-channel transistor (s.c.l. i.g.f.e.t.)
Maximum-speed s.t.t. state assignments for sequential machines
Consequences of using the bispherical electrode system for dielectric testing
Matrix method to determine shift-register connections for delayed pseudorandom binary sequences
Trapping levels in silicon nitride
Electrical design requirements for low-loss high-frequency coaxial cables
Erratum: Plasma-density determination from the phase shift in scattered radiation
Erratum: Reliability parameters of equipment with a general repair-time distribution

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