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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 20, 4 October 1968

Volume 4, Issue 20

4 October 1968

Microcircuit learning nets: improved recognition by means of pattern feedback
Transient neutral depletion in a constricted low-pressure mercury discharge measured by ultraviolet absorption
Nonlinear behaviour of magnetostatic surface waves
Active RC filters with differential integrators
Microwave-biased photodetector system with an integral Gunn-effect oscillator
Phase-compensation in electronic gyrator circuits
Wideband electronic gyrator circuit
Instrumentation in duals and analogues
Some results of electronic compensation for surface profile errors in parabolic reflectors
Voltage-transfer-function matrix realisation using operational amplifiers
Efficient application of D-Decomposition techniques to determine stability boundaries for multiparameter systems, with particular reference to induction machines
Simple measurement of m.o.s.t. gain factor
New class of pseudorandom ternary sequences
Control of linear systems with time delay

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