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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 2, 26 January 1968

Volume 4, Issue 2

26 January 1968

Versatile and accurate method of group-delay measurement
Stable broadband variable noise source for microwave radiometry
Active filters using a predistortion technique
A.C. voltage regulation by means of chopper circuits
Simple voltage-to-frequency convertor with increased frequency range
Resonantly h.f.-sustained plasma around an antenna
Frequency-modulated single-mode laser
Simple repeater for frequency-modulated signals using transferred-electron oscillators
New results for time averages as statistical averages
Silicon ‘punch-through’ diode
Tunable active allpass sections
Calculation of the harmonic components of the voltage in hybrid circuits utilising tunnel diodes and transistors
Aperture coupling in cylindrical dielectric-rod antennas
Erratum: Pulsed frequency-response calculations for a digital control system
Erratum: Negative-impulse breakdown in compressed air
Erratum: Window functions for nonrecursive digital filters

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