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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 19, 20 September 1968

Volume 4, Issue 19

20 September 1968

Vacuum breakdown at a ceramic surface in a microwave cavity
Fourier, Laplace and Hilbert transforms
Varactor harmonic-generator chain as a pump source for a parametric amplifier
Computation of polar diagrams from paraboloidal reflector aerials with systematic deformations
Method of testing the quality of bars of single-crystal yttrium-iron garnet
Noise in germanium double-injection space-charge-limited diodes
Wire calorimeter for absolute and accurate laser-power measurements
Ring-and-line-focus electron beams from a glow-discharge gun
Microcircuit learning nets: some tests with handwritten numerals
Laser-emission noise and voltage noise of GaAs c.w. laser diodes
Electronic/fluidic interface switch
Three-terminal GaAs light emitter-modulator device
Characterisation of arbitrary media in fields
Direct-coupled resonator filters with improved selectivity
Reduction of order of linear state equations
Transition-matrix construction for pseudorandom binary-sequence generators
Multivariable function generation using a hybrid computer
Admittance of an infinite cylindrical antenna with realistic gap field
Probability distributions of noiselike waveforms generated by a digital technique
Erratum: Simplified procedure for the design of multisection Cheby̅shev quarterwave transformers

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