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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 18, 6 September 1968

Volume 4, Issue 18

6 September 1968

Simulation of dynamic physical systems using a digital process-control computer
Optimising the blocking efficiency in shaped Cassegrain systems
McMillan forms from system matrices
Some properties of relatively prime polynomial matrices
Uniqueness of the impulse function of a discrete-time Markov process
‘Semipole’ reluctance motors
Whispering-gallery modes in a tropospheric layer
Field distribution of the forward-wave plasma-guide mode on a magnetised plasma column
Coherent photon-phonon interactions
Proof of the drift-resistant property of binary msequences
Regions of ultimate boundedness for the problem of Lur'e
High-Qfactor shunt-switched N-path filters
Improvements in near-field discrimination for radar or sonar systems by the use of separate transmitting and receiving arrays
Summed sensitivity of active networks
Variable-length Gunn oscillator
Finite-element method for waveguide problems
Realisation of the circulator concept using differential-input operational amplifiers
Reliability parameters of equipment with a general repair-time distribution
Plasma-density determination from the phase shift in scattered radiation
Erratum: Summed-sensitivity invariants and their generation
Erratum: Generalised patterns of nonuniformity for solvable algebraic and transcendental transmission lines
Erratum: GaAs Schottky diodes with linear log I/V behaviour over eight decades of current

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