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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 16, 9 August 1968

Volume 4, Issue 16

9 August 1968

Electromagnetic wave propagation in cylindrically stratified isotropic media
Temperature-compensated f.e.t. multiplier
Lyapunov matrix equations with positive semidefinite input matrices
Transfer functions obtained by a transform derived from the Darlington transform
Transfer functions with quasiCheby̅shev-type characteristics obtained by a Darlington-derived transformation
Improved mathematical representation of arc static characteristic
Simplified procedure for the design of multisection Cheby̅shev quarterwave transformers
GaAs Schottky diodes with linear log I/V behaviour over eight decades of current
Versatile multiplier arrays
Magnetic duplication of video records
Hyperabrupt junctions in Au-Si Schottky diodes by ion implantation
Q band microwave-biased photoconductive detector
Carrier-frequency generation using regular pulse sequences
Field- and photon-enhanced field emission from thin-film field-emission devices
Taylor-series method of inverting Laplace transforms
Erratum: Some results for an r.f.- and p.l.-modulated incoherent carrier
Erratum: Simplified topological solutions of networks containing nullators and norators
Erratum: Evaluation of topological formulas using digital computers

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