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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 15, 26 July 1968

Volume 4, Issue 15

26 July 1968

Using the reciprocity theorem for antenna calculations
Ray tracing in the ionosphere
Performance of laser-beam powered optically commutating motor
Excess current in pn junctions associated with surface states
Central-pin tolerances in broadband 3-port waveguide circulators
Matrix method to determine shift-register connections for delayed pseudorandom binary sequences
Fundamental power/frequency limitations of microwave semiconductor devices
Removal of mobile ions from the insulator layer of thin-film transistors
Noise behaviour of the m.o.s.f.e.t. at v.h.f. and u.h.f.
Cellular logical array for extracting square roots
Pulse gain and analogue-to-pulse conversion by Gunn diodes
Sensitivity analysis in computer-aided design of linear circuits
Continuously variable microwave attenuation with Gunn-effect samples
Laser-beam modulation using grating diffraction effects
Time-axis expanding network
Comments on 2-phase drag-cup accelerometer parameter determination
State-variable synthesis of integrated-circuit distributed RC transfer functions
Stability of a class of nonlinear systems

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