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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 14, 12 July 1968

Volume 4, Issue 14

12 July 1968

Summed-sensitivity invariants and their generation
Transformation of time series of events by random delays
Response of logarithmic amplifiers to noise signals
Binary division using a data-dependent iterative array
Techniques for determining the characteristics of corona pulses
Surface-wave propagation-constant measurements
Generalised patterns of nonuniformity for solvable algebraic and transcendental transmission lines
Measurement of the current distribution on monopoles in a large volume of hot plasma
Calculations relating to delayed m sequences
Photoelectric restoring system for images degraded by atmospheric turbulence
Rational design of Gunn- and l.s.a.-diode electrodes
Portrayal of the field at the junction between a Yagi structure and a dielectric-rod transmission line
Measurement of surface impedance at microwave frequencies
Summed sensitivity of active RC networks
General form of the reciprocity relationship for bianisotropic media
Erratum: Phase-plane trajectories for linear-p.c.m.-oscillator control systems
Erratum: Error-correcting algorithm for adapting a hyperelliptical decision surface for pattern recognition
Erratum: Improving the transient-response characteristics of pulse filters with parabolic distribution of poles

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