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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 13, 28 June 1968

Volume 4, Issue 13

28 June 1968

Measurement of donor density by pulsing Schottky-barrier diodes
Calculation of transient response
High-speed iterative multiplier
Eigenfunctions and the solution of sensitivity equations
General analysis of time-variable delay devices
Parametric resonance in an oscillating circuit utilising nonlinear capacitance
Two-point boundary-value problems in theories of space-charge conduction
Measurement of waveguide attenuation by resonance methods
Equivalent gain of an instantaneous quantiser with two independent random inputs
Circuit-controlled modes of acoustoelectric oscillations in piezoelectric semiconductors
Cooled broadband parametric amplifier at 4 GHz
Real-frequency interpolation with positive-real n ports
Minimal number of nullors for realising active gyrators
Determination of the constants of the capacitance/voltage law of a varactor diode
Simplified topological solutions of networks containing nullators and norators
Voltage gain in passive RC series-parallel 3-terminal networks
Maximum available power gain of active 2-ports
1/f noise in gate-controlled planar silicon diodes

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