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Electronics Letters

Volume 4, Issue 1, 12 January 1968

Volume 4, Issue 1

12 January 1968

Selective properties of digital filters obtained by convolution approximation
Comments on ‘Method of evaluating time-weighted performance integrals’
Products of generalised functions
Radar propagation factors for various linear and circular polarisations
Performance index based on the correlation between the responses of two systems
Triangular-and trapezium-waveform oscillators for wideband electronic control of frequency
Eigenvalue and control-law trajectories for a turboalternator model under fault conditions
Light modulation at video frequencies
Anomalous effect in a lithium-drifted germanium semiconductor detector
Dispersive filter in a control loop
Low-Noise l.f. amplification using a transistor chopper
Possible Gunn-effect parametric amplifier
Optimal use of partial redundancy and the system reliability which results
Steady-state stability of the doubly fed synchronous machine
Pulsed frequency-response calculations for a digital control system
Stability of p.c.m.-oscillator control systems
Erratum: Topological formulas for 4-terminal nonreciprocal constraints
Erratum: Performance of feedback systems with nonlinear phase-advance compensators to Gaussian inputs

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