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Electronics Letters

Volume 3, Issue 6, June 1967

Volume 3, Issue 6

June 1967

Maximum and resonant gains in parametric amplifiers
Distortion of speech by quantising
Variationally computed antenna impedances and accuracy of resulting current distributions
Transistor transit-time oscillator
Reciprocity in silicon Schottky-barrier diodes
Binary uniform codes
Spectral density of random signals corrupted by multiplicative noise
Spectral factorisation by means of augmented factors
Properties of state matrixes representing time-invariant lossless nports
Sensitivity properties of linear systems
Sufficient condition of the asymptotic stability of nonlinear sampling systems
Charged-particle production in the electrogasdynamic generator
Phase relation between offices in a mutually synchronised system
Wave propagation in a moving plasma
Dependence of the propagation loss in laser ranging systems on the meteorological visibility and target/receiver range
High-frequency current oscillations in vapour-deposited CdS thin films
200 MHz counter/shift-register stage
Tolerance of nonlinearities in time-varying optimal systems
Radiation from surface-wave antennas
Wide bandwidth Butler matrix network
Longitudinal resonances of plasma surface waves in noble gases
Elliptic digital filters
Harmonic stabilisation of a.c. servos
Theoretical analysis of the monolithic-crystal filter
Behaviour of n-type gallium arsenide in strong microwave fields
Free oscillations in nonlinear oscillating circuit
Simulation study of a two-derivative hill climber
Optical breakdown thresholds in helium
Derivation of certain nonlinear circuit equations
Transmission of ultrashort coherent pulses through the ionosphere
Measurement of small phase changes with the aid of an oscilloscope with a differential input
Operational calculus of random functions and their statistics
ZnTe and InSb thin-film transistors
Numerical results for diffraction by a parallel-plate waveguide
Rhombic aerial with feedback
Cerenkov radiation in a magnetoionic medium
Double-pumped low-noise parametric down-convertor
Delay time between the current pulse and the light emission of GaAs laser diodes
Simulation of a high-order, charge-storage-diode multiplier on an analogue computer
Improved theory of propagation through slotted circular waveguide
Time-division multiplexer/demultiplexer for digital transmission in the gigabit per second range
Noise-threshold improvement in exalted-carrier PSK systems
Some asynchronous pulse-modulation systems
Optimised δ-δ modulation system
Pulse-interval modulation
Radiation patterns of leaky circular waveguides with eight and twelve transverse slots
Erratum: Lyapunov estimates of oscillator transients in p.c.m. systems
Erratum: Simulated inductors using differential amplifiers
Erratum: Accurate numerical solution of the one-dimensional p-n junction in steady state

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