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Electronics Letters

Volume 3, Issue 11, November 1967

Volume 3, Issue 11

November 1967

Sensitivity relationships for linear feedback systems
Calorimeter for absolute laser c.w. radiation-power measurements
Scanning technique with slow electrons for investigation of integrated circuits
Cascaded-unit-element network and its ladder-RC equivalent
Wave interaction with moving boundaries
Characteristic admittance of an array of rectangular conductors
Solution of a periodic boundary-value problem by direct application of Floquet's theorem
Identification of double-valued nonlinearities from their harmonic response
Generation of polynomial system matrices
Frequency transformations for digital filters
Transient response of a class of nonlinear systems
Simulator study of optimal switching rates for stepping-motor-driven systems
N-way hybrid combiner
Evaluation of a type of definite integral
Additional experimental information about the behaviour of the hybrid TEM-dual surface wave in coaxial and parallelwire resonators
Equivalence between evanescent-mode and combline filters
Piezomagnetostrictive memory element
Voltage tuning of concentric planar Gunn diodes
Effect of a pure time delay on the optimising regulation of a process consisting of a first order lag following the static characteristic
Topological synthesis using Boolean algebra
Analogue multiplier
Hot-Carrier InSb microwave modulation
Reduction of dynamical systems when certain of the elements of the reduced-system matrices are specified
Negative differential resistance in n type germanium
Simple model for electron-hole generation and switching mechanisms in ntype-GaAs diodes
Electron-concentration patterns in the negative glow and Faraday dark space
Topological solution of 2-terminal-element networks with one embedded constraint
Comparison of varactor-diode and junction-f.e.t. low-noise l.f. amplifiers
Frequency division with power gain in Gunn oscillators
Automatic elimination of bias in binary crosscorrelation experiments
Microwave conductivity of polar semiconductors in the presence of high electric field
Lowpass filters with approximately equal-ripple modulus error
Planar analogue of the Earth-ionosphere waveguide
Design of nonlinear networks using gyrators
Symmetry properties of the dyadic Green's function for a magnetoionic medium
Method of evaluating time-weighted performance integrals
Choice of pseudorandom binary signals for system identification
New method of reducing instability in insulated-gate field-effect transistors
Erratum: Launching a surface wave over the Earth

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