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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 9, 29 April 1993

Volume 29, Issue 9

29 April 1993

Experimental demonstration of soliton data transmission over unlimited distances with soliton control in time and frequency domains
WDM/FDM star coupler with gain using fibre amplifiers
R-MOSFET structure based on current division
Minimum bending loss interconnection for integrated optics waveguides
Deleted smoothing of HMM parameters in speech recognition
New form of delayed N-path recursive digital filters
First low polarisation dependence optical FSK receiver based on a Fabry–Perot laser with a near square active waveguide structure
2 cm long monolithic multisection laser for active modelocking at 2.2 GHz
Influence of polysilicon deposition on fabrication of power polysilicon emitter bipolar transistors
Current-mode analogue defuzzifier
Frequency and attenuation dependent fade slope statistics
Novel translinear impedance convertor and bandpass filter applications
Boolean method for selection of minimal set of test nodes for analogue fault dictionary
DS-3 frame mimic mechanism and modified framing circuit to control reframe time extension
New selfalignment processes for amorphous silicon thin film transistors with polysilicon source and drain
Time-domain design of FIR multirate filter banks
BPM modelling of planar right-angle X junctions
Highly efficient and tunable Nd3+ doped fluoride fibre laser operating in 1.3 μm band
Matrix representation of CPFSK trellis modulation codes
Role of polarisation rotation in the modelocking of an Er fibre laser
Multiband sigma-delta modulation
Simulation of ferrite-loaded coaxial lines
Multiwavelength laser array by chemical beam epitaxy on patterned InP substrates
Ti:LiNbO3 digital optical switch matrices
Room temperature pulsed operation of 498 nm laser with ZnMgSSe cladding layers
Wavelength division multiplexed CATV distribution service overlay on two-fibre passive optical dialogue star networks
Two-dimensional modelling of optical propagation in turbulent atmosphere
15–17 Gbit/s direct modulation of ultrahigh speed compressively strained well VUG SIBH DFB laser
Compact BIC sensor for testing Iddq of CMOS circuits
Millimetre wave coplanar slow wave structure on GaAs suitable for use in electro-optic modulators
PPM phase bearing-events for direct frame phase extraction
Transmission of bipolar video frequency electromagnetic pulses through a thin film of semiconductor with quantum superlattice
Temperature dependence of substrate current in silicon CMOS devices
Charge injection in current copier cells
Improved disparity estimation in stereoscopic television
Scalable and fault tolerant restricted shared memory architecture
Investigation of propagation through a frequency hopped channel
Generalised method for extraction of MOSFET source-drain series resistance against temperature
New etchant for crystallographic defect studies in thin SOI materials (<1000 Å)
Porous silicon photoluminescence: type II-like recombination mechanism
Representing ferrite absorbing tiles as frequency dependent boundaries in TLM
Widely tunable distributed forward coupled (DFC) laser
Design of compact static CMOS carry look-ahead adder using recursive output property
Optically triggered monolithic sample and hold circuit
Negative group delay synthesiser
Performance of four-channel FDM crossconnect switching without bit loss
Fabrication of SAW three phase unidirectional transducers using dielectric crossovers
Multiscale image enhancement using the logarithmic image processing model
Direct design of approximately linear phase (ALP) 2-D IIR digital filters
Demonstration of low loss integrated InGaAsP/InP demultiplexer device with low polarisation sensitivity
Optical-gain enhancement in resonant-cavity heterojunction bipolar phototransistor through emitter-edge thinning
Diode-pumped selfstarting passively modelocked neodymium-doped fibre laser
Absolute frequency locking of diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser for application in free-space optical communication
Testing of mixed-signal systems using dynamic stimuli
Realistic fault model for external shorts in MOS technologies
CHIRP measurement and transmission experiment at 10 Gbit/s with Wannier-Stark modulator
Millimetre-wave back-face patch antenna for multilayer MMICs
Optimised design of Wilson and improved Wilson CMOS current mirrors
Strongly reduced optical nonlinearity in lithium tantalate due to proton exchange
Multiterahertz frequency conversion of a picosecond pulse train using nonlinear gain dynamics in a 1.5 μm MQW semiconductor laser amplifier
Multiorientation simultaneous computation of backprojection for tomographic image reconstruction
Use of different numbers of mixtures in continuous density hidden Markov models
Erratum: Saturable absorber modelocked polarisation maintaining erbium-doped fibre laser
Erratum: 13 Gbit/s Si bipolar preamplifier for optical front ends

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