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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 8, 15 April 1993

Volume 29, Issue 8

15 April 1993

Monolithic integration of InGaAsp/Inp lasers and heterostructure bipolar transistors by selective area epitaxy
Frequency modulation locking in 980 nm strained quantum well lasers
60 GHz reflection gain based on superlattice negative differential conductance
Medical ultrasound imaging using pulse compression
Thermal stability of Al/AlGaAs and Al/GaAs/AlGaAs (MBE) Schottky barriers
Defect level for non-equiprobable faults in digital ICs
AlGaInP/GaInAs strained quantum well lasers
Distributed amplifier signal shaping strategy for multigigabit digital optical transmission
Analysis of a reflectarray antenna using microstrip patches of variable size
Multigigabit/s pulse source based on the switching of an optical beat signal in a nonlinear fibre loop mirror
1-W CW Tm-doped fluoride fibre laser at 1.47μm
Effective bandwidth of DSPN signalling for mitigation of fading in dense scatterers
Self-assembly of three-dimensional microstructures using rotation by surface tension forces
Broadly tunable InGaAsP/InP vertical-coupler filtered laser with low tuning current
High-performance InP/InGaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors with highly carbon-doped base grown by chemical beam epitaxy
Temperature-tunable 3.5 μm fibre laser
CMOS on-chip clock for digital signal processors
Miniaturised two-stage balanced Ku-band CPW MMIC amplifier using impedance transforming couplers
Fabrication and performances of delta-doped Si n-MESFET grown by MBE
Analysis of optical CDMA communications systems
Dynamic channel assignment with queuing in highway microcells
Microwave noise characterisation of poly-emitter bipolar junction transistors
1047 nm laser diode master oscillator Nd:YLF power amplifier laser system
Coaxial feed in uniaxial substrate between two finite parallel conductors
Method for automated waveform analysis of transient responses in digital circuits
Modified packet reservation multiple access protocol
Long wavelength quantum well lasers with InGaAs/InP superlattice optical confinement and barrier layers
Multichannel coherent FSK transmission at 622 Mbit/s with synchronous intra-bit sinusoidal polarisation spreading
Proposal of new ring access control and connection admission control method
Improvement of bidirectional associative memories by using correlation significance
Millimetre wave fibre-optic PSK subcarrier transmission at 35 GHz over 6.3 km using a grating external cavity semiconductor laser
Integrated optic laser emitting at 906, 1057, and 1358 nm
Neural learning in analogue hardware: effects of component variation from fabrication and from noise
Achievable performance of autonomous SIR-based power control
1/f noise and interface trap density in high field stressed pMOS transistors
PRMA efficiency in adaptive transceivers
Processing of specular echoes from planar reflectors in airborne sonar data
Low threshold-current, wide tuning-range, butt-joint DBR laser grown with four MOVPE steps
Bit-rate flexible all-optical demultiplexing using a nonlinear optical loop mirror
Adaptive speech coding with DCT and neural net vector quantisation
Direct comparison of InGaAs/InGaAlAs and InGaAs/InGaAsP quantum well modulators
Hydrogenated amorphous silicon-carbide thin-film light-emitting diode with quantum-well-injection structure
Determination of depth of proton exchanged layer in LiNbO3 from laser induced pyroelectric signals
Narrow bandpass single layer frequency selective surfaces
Complex modes in circular chirowaveguides
Novel sub-100 nm thin film transistors
Formation of optical slab waveguides using thermal oxidation of SiOx
Novel calibration technique employing a spread-spectrum tone for mobile satellite systems
Optical pulse generation with high repetition rate by sinusoidally-driven InGaAs/InAIAs multiquantum well modulator
Design of three channel complementary filters as a weighted sum of two allpass sections
Demonstration of all-optical demultiplexing at 1555 nm with an AlGaAs directional coupler
Low-threshold operation of tensile-strained GaInP/AlGaInP MQW LDs emitting at 625 nm
Microwave power InP/InGaAs/InP double-heterojunction bipolar transistors
Erratum: Simple method for determining 3-D TLM nodal scattering in nonscalar problems
Erratum: Circuit performance of low temperature CMOS polysilicon TFT operational amplifiers
Erratum: Reduced intermodulation-free dynamic range in gain-lever lasers
Erratum: Variable time delay of microwave signals using high dispersion fibre

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