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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 6, 18 March 1993

Volume 29, Issue 6

18 March 1993

Twincore erbium-doped fibre amplifier with passive spectral gain equalisation
Method for error recovery of line spectral frequencies
Radiation characteristics of wraparound microstrip antenna on cylindrical body
Class of bipolar motion sensors
Measurement of fibre-optic chromatic dispersion from RIN spectra of a tunable fibre laser
New method for analysis of electromagnetic coupling to an angled two-strip transmission line
Transform-limited pulses from low chirp DFB lasers with external feedback
Low loss mirrors for InP/InGaAsP waveguides
New FET active slotline ring antenna
4×4 directional coupler switch matrix with an InGaAlAs/InAlAs multiquantum well structure
Manchester-like coding with single error correction and double error detection
25 Gbit/s decision circuit, 34 Gbit/s multiplexer, and 40 Gbit/s demultiplexer IC in selective epitaxial Si bipolar technology
Neural network classifiers under changing a priori conditions
Fibre optic silicon impact sensor for application to smart skins
Superluminescent diodes for visible (670nm) spectral range based on AlGaInP/GaInP heterostructures with tapered grounded absorber
Accurate equation for determining resonator length in half-wavelength parallel-coupled bandpass filter
Nonlinear power limits of compression by optical fibres of chirped pulses emitted by diode lasers
Hole traps in Be-doped MBE InGaP
Coupler-type waveguide polariser using metal island films: its mechanism and design
New family of algebraically designed optical orthogonal codes for use in CDMA fibre-optic networks
Multiple path diffraction by rectangular buildings
Generalised array codes and their trellis structure
High performance InGaAs/GaAlAs laser diodes for electronic/photonic integrated circuit applications
Noise analysis of an integrated travelling wave antenna
Based on high-Tc superconducting films
Characteristics of suspended striplines with irregular edge profile and substrate supporting groove
Application of spice to model nonlinear devices and circuits from behavioural description
Recursive algorithms for deriving bandpass or band-rejection filters from lowpass filters
BiCMOS dynamic minimum circuit using a parallel comparison algorithm for fuzzy controllers
Multistep prediction of autoregressive signals
Variable time delay of microwave signals using high dispersion fibre
Comment: Linear, electronically tunable resistor
500 GHz GaAs MMIC sampling wafer probe
Integrated grating demultiplexer and pin array for high-density wavelength division multiplexed detection at 1.5 μm
Methane and carbon dioxide sensing using a DFB laser diode operating at 1.64 μm
Narrow line high power picosecond pulse generation in a multicontact distributed feedback laser using modified Q switching
Optimum spread spectrum signals for wideband channel sounding
Comment: Polarisation mode dispersion measurements in 1520 km EDFA system
Piezojunction effect based pressure sensor
Production of in-fibre gratings using a diffractive optical element
Interface state analysis using integrated room temperature gated photoluminescence
Erratum: Large-signal dynamic model for gain-coupled DFB lasers based on the transmission-line laser model
Erratum: Cochannel interference probability for picocellular systems with multiple Rician faded interferers
Erratum: Analysis of planar waveguides formed by nonuniform nonlinearity
Erratum: RAKE decorrelating receiver for DS-CDMA mobile radio networks

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