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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 4, 18 February 1993

Volume 29, Issue 4

18 February 1993

Spherical helical antenna with circular polarisation over a broad beam
Simple and low-loss fibre-to-chip coupling by integrated field-matching waveguide in InP
Visible (660 nm) resonant cavity light-emitting diodes
New simulated corrugated scattering surface giving wideband characteristics
Threshold reduction of 1.3 μm GaInAsP/InP surface emitting laser by a maskless circular planar buried heterostructure regrowth
Relative sensitivity of Loran-C phase tracking and cycle selection to CWI
Instantaneous fringe-order identification using dual broadband sources with widely spaced wavelengths
Time-varying Viterbi decoding for correlated data
Existence of intrinsic ‘background loss’ in rare-earth doped fibres: drawbacks and usefulness
Self-supervised error reduction of fast restoration of unknown blurred noisy images
Low threshold 1.5 μm quantum well lasers grown by atmospheric pressure MOCVD with tertiarybutylarsine (TBA) and tertiarybutylphosphine (TBP)
Generalised adaptive neural filters
Analysis of microstrip patch antennas using a finite difference technique
Simple PFM demodulator to be used by analogue artificial neural networks which communicate through pulses
Investigation of phase-induced intensity noise in amplified fibre-optic recirculating delay line
Lossy dielectric and thin lossy film models for 3-D steady state TLM
Tunable DFB lasers with ultra-narrow spectral linewidth
New efficient upconversion phosphor BaCl2:Er under 1.5 μm excitation
Over 100 nm wavelength tuning in superstructure grating (SSG) DBR lasers
Measurement of photothermally induced distortion of thin films using an external cavity laser diode sensor
Optical dark soliton trains generated by passive spectral filtering technique
Erbium-doped silica-based planar waveguide amplifier pumped by 0.98 μm laser diodes
Photoconductivity measurements in optical fibre preforms
Improved method for suppression of ambiguity in measurements of permittivity in low and high loss materials with short-circuited line technique
Class of fractal transforms
Broadband multiwavelength simultaneous dispersion compensation near 1550 nm through singlemode fibres optimised for 1310 nm
High-sensitivity low coherence reflectometer using erbium-doped superfluorescent fibre source and erbium-doped power amplifier
Low-latency bit-parallel systolic multiplier
Highly reliable 200 mW AlGaAs laser diode with fundamental transverse mode
1000 W QCW output power from surface emitting GaAs/AlGaAs laser diode arrays
35 GHz fmax InP JFET grown by non-hydride MOCVD
3.1×105 cm2/Vs peak electron mobilities in InP grown by chemical beam epitaxy
New functional field-effect transistor based on wavefunction modulation in δ-doped double quantum wells
Novel digital integrator and differentiator
Novel polarimetric fibre device for interrogating ‘white-light’ interferometers
Microwave oscillator phase noise reduction using negative resistance compensation
Piezoresistive effect in vertical Hall cell
Influence of GaAs buffer thickness on low-frequency and microwave noise in GaAs MESFETs grown on InP substrates
Single-electron memory
248 nm induced vacuum UV spectral changes in optical fibre preform cores: support for a colour centre model of photosensitivity
Diversity improvement for 16-DAPSK in Rayleigh fading channel
Designing controllers by means of model reduction techniques
Period of sequences of primitive polynomials
High temperature operation of 1.3 μm GaInAsP/Inp GRINSCH strained-layer quantum well lasers
Improved windowing rule for input buffered packet switches
RAKE decorrelating receiver for DS-CDMA mobile radio networks
Low sensitivity simulation of LC lattice sections using the current mode wave active topology
Optical in-fibre grating high pressure sensor
Fabrication of low loss polymer waveguides using injection moulding technology
New 3-D wavelet transform coding algorithm for image sequences
Unregenerated optical transmission at 10 Gbit/s via 204 km of standard singlemode fibre using a directly modulated laser diode
Characteristics of novel graded superlattice high-speed photovoltaic detector
Matching the input impedance of a broadband disc monopole
Direct measurement of hot hole distribution in an SiGe unipolar transistor structure
Intracavity dispersion measurement in modelocked fibre laser
Method for reduction of harmonics, caused by coarse quantisation, suitable for digital radio frequency memory
Coplanar waveguide radial line stub
Picosecond pulse shaping and compression with FETs
91 GHz SiGe HBTs grown by MBE
Optically transparent nodes for photonic packet-switched ring networks
Logarithmic time dependence of pMOSFET degradation observed from gate capacitance
Accurate and robust ±nvT extractor
Non-volatile memory characteristics of submicrometre Hall structures fabricated in epitaxial ferromagnetic MnAl films on GaAs
Erratum: Dispersion analysis of anisotropic inhomogeneous waveguides using compact 2D-FDTD

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