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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 25, 9 December 1993

Volume 29, Issue 25

9 December 1993

Aperture coupled microstrip patch antenna fed by nonradiating dielectric waveguide
Dual reflector antenna with narrow broadside beam for omnidirectional coverage
Asymptotic shaping gains from non-Gaussian distributions
Bandwidth expressions of Gaussian weighted chirp
Comparison of two retransmission request mechanisms for trellis coded modulation
Low-delay hybrid vector excitation linear predictive speech coding
Method for efficient location area planning in mobile telecommunications
Multiple-symbols differential detection of GMSK
New diversity receiver for mobile communications
New simple encoder and trellis decoder for Golay codes
Noise performance of the pulse slope modulation system
Relationship between performance and timing recovery mechanisms for a DECT link in dispersive channels
Scheduling cells in an input-queued switch
Statistical modelling of spectrum occupancy
Time-domain design of low delay wavelet transforms
High performance scaled flash-type EEPROMs fabricated by in situ multiple rapid thermal processing
Stepped model of smooth irregularities corrected for location of equivalent reflection surface
54MHz switched-capacitor video channel equaliser
Gabor-QR decomposition for image encoding
Bulk encryption algorithm for use with RSA
New signature scheme with message recovery
16Gbit/s multiplexer IC using double mesa Si/SiGe heterojunction bipolar transistors
Application of a multivariable optimiser to the design of CMOS buffers
New domino logic precharged by clock and data
Nonlinear switched-current CMOS IC for random signal generation
Settling time reduction technique for high speed DACs
Continuous-wave, room temperature, ridge waveguide green-blue diode laser
Continuous-wave operation of 489.9 nm blue laser diode at room temperature
DBR laser array for WDM system
Integrable InGaAs/GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
SiNx/sulphide passivated GaAs/AlGaAs microdisk lasers
Spectral and temporal stabilisation of a diode-pumped ytterbium-erbium fibre soliton laser
Anisotropic etching of deep trench for silicon monolithic microwave integrated circuit
Effect of mode launcher geometry on the performance of a mode-selective input coupler for a gyrotron amplifier
Substrate integrated transition between a planar millimetre wave antenna and hermetically sealed integrated circuits
Functional testing for cellular neural networks
Relation between template spectrum and convergence of discrete-time cellular neural networks
10 Gbit/s unrepeatered three-level optical transmission over 100 km of standard fibre
Fully time-division-multiplexed 100 Gbit/s optical transmission experiment
Measurement of dispersion and nonlinearity in murtiamplifier systems
Modification of optical coherence using spectral phase coding for use in photonic code-division multiple access systems
Polarisation-independent phase conjugation of lightwave signals
Optically-biased, edge-coupled InP/InGaAs heterojunction phototransistors
Frequency dependence of slant-path amplitude scintillations
Enhancement and depletion-mode AlGaAs/In0.15Ga0.85As HEMTs fabricated by selective ion implantation
High current density double modulationdoped Al0.48In0.52As-Ga0.65As millimetre-wave HEMT
High frequency GaAs/Al0.25Ga0.75As heterojunction bipolar transistors with transparent indium-tin-oxide emitter contacts
Molecular-beam epitaxial growth of pyramidal structures on patterned GaAs(100) substrates for threedimensionally confined structures
Multi-terahertz sidewall-etched varactor diodes and their application in submillimetre-wave sampling circuits
Proposal for the concept of ultradense integrated memories based on Coulomb blockade at room temperature.
Quantum-well intersub-band electroluminescent diode at λ = 5μm
Erratum: High power neodymium-doped single transverse mode fibre laser
Erratum: Impact ionisation in high-output-conductance region of 0.5 μm AlSb/InAs HEMTs

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