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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 24, 25 November 1993

Volume 29, Issue 24

25 November 1993

Full-wave aperture coupled patch antenna
New constant frequency PWM dual convertor with synchronous rectifier
Adaptive equalisation for DECT systems operating in low time-dispersive channels
Asymptotic expression for the equivocation probability of the NDA FF carrier synchroniser
Base station to vehicle communication for intelligent vehicle/highway systems (IVHS)
Clipping distortion in DMT ADSL systems
New method for extracting speech formants using LPC phase spectrum
Newton/LMS algorithm using modified DCT
Performance of direct sequence spread spectrum ISM band radio LANs in a multipath time dispersive channel
Analysis of discontinuous-layer propagation structures by transverse resonance method
Design of IIR allpass networks for Hilbert transformers
Generalised filters and optimum sampling frequencies for the reconstruction of bandlimited signals from past samples
Genetic approach to design of multiplierless FIR filters
Switched-capacitor filters driven with very low voltage clock signals
Efficient use of training data in the n-tuple recognition method
Digital signature with (t, n) shared verification based on discrete logarithms
Modified Chang-Hwang-Wu access control scheme
Measuring technique for characterising the electrical properties of piezoelectric tubular devices
1.5 V BiCMOS dynamic multiplier using Wallace tree reduction architecture
Alpha particle emission from platinum and its influence on DRAM operation
Frequency divider using InAlAs/InGaAs HEMT DCFL-NOR gates
iDD, pulse response testing: A unified approach to testing digital and analogue ICs
Three-dimensional CMOS NAND with three stacked channels
GaInAs/GaInAsP strained quantum well monolithic electroabsorption modulator/amplifier by lateral bandgap control with nonplanar substrates
Green second-harmonic surface emission from (211)B GaAs/AlGaAs waveguides
Heat-resistant singlemode optical waveguides using fluorinated polyimides
1.3 W CW, diffraction-limited monolithically integrated master oscillator flared amplifier at 863 nm
1.6 μm semiconductor diode pumped thulium doped fluoride fibre laser and amplifier of very high efficiency
8.5 W CW 2.0 μm InGaAsP laser diodes
Blue-green laser diode operation of CdZnSe/ZnSe MQW structures grown on InGaP band offset reduction layers
Compact 40 Gbit/s optical demultiplexer using a GaInAsP optical amplifier
High power emission from strained DQW circular-grating surface-emitting DBR lasers
Long lasting vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Low threshold, diode pumped operation of a green, Er3+ doped fluoride fibre laser
Singlemode InGaAs/GaAs distributed Bragg reflector laser diodes operating at 1083 nm
Stable fundamental and higher order pulses in a fibre laser with frequency shifted feedback
Tunable twin-guide (TTG) distributed feedback (DFB) laser with over 10 nm continuous tuning range
Polarisation-rotating quasioptical reflection amplifier cell
Efficient calculation of surface impedance for rectangular conductors
Design of Hopfield-type associative memory with maximal basin of attraction
Enhanced kernel estimation technique for pattern classification
Investigation into effects of device variation on performance of optoelectronic neural networks
Arrayed-waveguide grating add-drop multiplexer with loop-back optical paths
Asymmetric adiabatic multiprong for mode-multiplexed systems
Error probability of amplified IMDD systems at zero dispersion
New transmissive and reflective star networks allowing easy optical interconnection
Reconfigurable ATM transmitter/receiver implementation
Two-level contention resolution scheme for WDM networks with control channels
Prototype fibre-optic-based ultrahigh pressure remote sensor using dual-wavelength coherence reading
Thin, flexible waveplate of fluorinated polyimide
10 Gbit/s DFB laser/monitor PICs for low cost high speed laser modules
10 Gbit/s silicon bipolar optical receiver and regenerator
Narrow bandwidth long wavelength resonant cavity photodiodes
Diurnal variations of 11.2 GHz attenuation on a satellite path in Indonesia
Amorphous silicon TFT capacitance model using an effective temperature approach
Cryogenic investigation of gate leakage and RF performances down to 50 K of 0.2 μm AlInAs/GaInAs/InP HEMTs
Ga0.5In0.49P channel MESFET
Erratum: Experimental evidence for hole transport limited intensity modulation response in quantum well lasers
Erratum: Improved method for calculating mitigation bandwidth of DSPN signals
Erratum: Genetic design of minimum-time controllers
Erratum: Interfacial polarisation in Al-Y2O3-SiO2-Si capacitor
Erratum: Text compression as rule based pattern recognition
Erratum: Extension of matrix method for complete multipoint Padé approximation

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