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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 23, 11 November 1993

Volume 29, Issue 23

11 November 1993

Aperture fed rectangular and triangular dielectric resonators for use as magnetic dipole antennas
Height reduced superdirective array with helical directors
Novel ultrawide-bandwidth Vivaldi antenna with low crosspolarisation
Novel universal current-mode filter with single input and three outputs using only five current conveyors
Volterra kernel estimation for mildly nonlinear amplifiers
2-D discrete time lossless bounded real functions: minimal state space realisation
Enforcing positiveness on estimated spectral densities
Family of binary sequences with useful correlation properties
Generating a fading process for the simulation of land-mobile radio communications
Genetic approach to bearing estimation with sensor location uncertainties
Q2DPSK with new pulse shaping pair in the satellite mobile channel
Evaluation of Booth encoding techniques for parallel multiplier implementation
Application of the FDTD method and a full time-domain near-field transform to the problem of radiation from a PCB
Higher order formulation of absorbing boundary conditions for finite-difference time-domain method
Current-mode lowpass, bandpass and highpass biquads using two CCIIs
Adaptive error duffusion method for image quantisation
Dominant point matching algorithm
New optimal partial unit memory codes based on extended BCH codes
Blindness limitations in optical coherence domain reflectometry
Cascadable CMOS current gain cell with gain insensitive phase shift
New ECL gate in BiFET process
Wireless chip to chip interconnections for murtichip modules using leaky wave antennas
Comparison of optical waveguide losses in silicon-on-insulator
Phase-matched second-harmonic generation in χ(2)-inverted Langmuir-Blodgett waveguide structures
All fibre, 1.5 μm widely tunable single frequency and narrow linewidth semiconductor ring laser with fibre Fabry-Perot filter
DFB and DBR lasers emitting at 980 nm
Equivalent circuit for vertical cavity top surface emitting lasers
High-speed photodetection characteristics of a Fabry-Perot laser amplifier under AM and FM formats
Interferometric noise limitations in fibre-amplifier cascades
Low voltage, room temperature, ridge waveguide green-blue diode laser
Reduction of harmonic distortion and noise in a semiconductor optical amplifier using bias current feedback
Simultaneous dual polarisation operation of a diode pumped femtosecond fibre laser
Temperature measurements of telecommunication lasers on a micrometre scale
Wavelength conversion and switching of high speed data signals using semiconductor laser amplifiers
Nonlinear design of multiple-cavity switchable dielectric-resonator oscillators
Power distributed amplifier based on interdigital combiners
Wideband transition form conductor-backed coplanar waveguide to modified coplanar stripline using multiple substrates
Equivalent circuits for microstrip gap discontinuities with metallisations of rectangular and trapezoidal cross sections
Crosstalk analysis in optically prefiltered subcarrier multiplexed systems
High-speed fibre optic links using 780 nm compact disc lasers
High-speed regenerator section terminating LSIs
Optimal amplifier spacing in ultralong lightwave systems
Spurious-free dynamic range of linewidth-insensitive coherent AM analogue optical links
Suppression of interferometric noise in externally modulated lightwave AM-CATV systems by phase modulation
Elimination of ‘humps’ in methods for measuring the cutoff wavelength of single mode fibres
Domain inversion in LiTaO3 using an ion beam
Enhanced electroabsorption characteristics in δ-doped quantum well optical modulators
Monolithically integrated DBR lasers with simple tapered waveguide for low-loss fibre coupling
Reliability characteristics of ohmic contacts for AlGaGs/GaAs HBTs
Triple-channel InP-based HEMT with highly nonlinear transconductance for nonlinear circuit applications

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