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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 22, 28 October 1993

Volume 29, Issue 22

28 October 1993

Backfire mode zigzag antenna
Dual slot-coupled microstrip antenna for dual frequency operation
Improved analysis method for broadband rectangular microstrip antenna geometry using E-plane gap coupling
Cochannel interference probability for micro and picocellular systems at 60 GHz
DC-free error-correcting convolutional codes
Fuzzy smoothing of HMM parameters using the Parzen window
General computation method of outage time for digital radio links
Hangup in asynchronous timing recovery loops
Hierarchical block-motion estimation using linear model-based postprocessing
Improvement of delay spread immunity by using symbol timing synchronisation based on maximum likelihood estimation for 16QAM/TDMA diversity receivers
Interpolation using the discrete sine transform with increased accuracy
Minislotted packet reservation multiple access
New total carrier phase estimator in fully phase modulated signals
Programmable general purpose data path suitable for video signal processors
Robust hybrid pitch detector
Suppression of impulsive disturbances from audio signals
Performance of novel synchronisation algorithm over AWGN channels
FFT-based algorithm for scattering from a circular, cylindrical shell in the presence of an inhomogeneous cylinder
Wave-orientated processing of scattering data
Universal active current filter with single input and three outputs using CCIIs
Adaptive mixed-rank filters
Distribution shape of two-dimensional DCT coefficients of natural images
Measurement of material properties with a tunable resonant cavity
AC-coupled complementary push-pull ECL circuit with 34 fJ power-delay product
Coplanar-waveguide test fixture for characterisation of high-speed digital circuits up to 40 Gbit/s
Analysis of multilayer semiconductor rib waveguides with high refractive index substrates
Diffusion-bonded stacked GaAs for quasiphase- matched second-harmonic generation of a carbon dioxide laser
High modulation frequency low distortion 1.3 μm MQW-DFB-LDs for subcarrier multiplexed fibre-optic feeder systems
High-power broadband singlemode Pr3+- doped fibre superfluorescence light source
High reflectivity and low resistance 1.55μm Al0.65In0.35As/Ga0.63In0.37As strained quarter wave Bragg reflector stack
Laser writing of submicrometre lines on copper island films
One-LD-pumped Pr3+-doped fluoride fibre amplifier module with signal gain of 23 dB
Reflectance-based non-destructive assessment of distributed feedback gratings
Reliability studies of 0.85 μm vertical cavity surface emitting lasers: 50 000 h MTTF at 25°C
Up to 15 dB improvement in second harmonic distortion in complex-coupled DFB semiconductor lasers
Rectangular waveguide with two symmetrically placed double L-septa
Subharmonic injection locking slot oscillators
Experimental study and modelling of a microwave cholesteric structure
Intermodulation nulling in GaAs MESFETs
Method of lines for analysis of multilayered dielectric waveguides with Bragg gratings
Modified restricted Coulomb energy neural network
Automatic polarisation demultiplexer polarisation-multiplexed transmission systems
Efficient and ultrafast all-optical switching using high Δn, small core chalcogenide glass fibre
Growth of lightwave networks: average propagation delay in hierarchical architectures
Operating principle of in-line amplified dispersion-supported transmission
Performance degradation due to polarisation dependent gain and loss in lightwave systems with optical amplifiers
Pulse compression by an optical fibre loop mirror constructed from two different fibres
Automated image shearing system for optical fibre geometrical characterisation
Changes in spatial distribution of UV-excrted luminescence in Ge-doped fibre preforms during UV exposure
Influence of fluorine doping on drawing-induced fibre losses
Two-step etching method for fabrication of fibre probe for photon scanning tunnelling microscope
Dual-wavelength Bragg reflectors using GaAs/AlAs multilayers
High-power high-gain monolithically integrated preamplifier/power amplifier
Low drive voltage and extremely low chirp integrated electroabsorption modulator/DFB laser for 2.5 Gbit/s 200 km normal fibre transmission
Strain-balanced InGaAs/GaAsP multiquantum well reflection modulator operating near 1.06 μm on GaAs and silicon substrates
3dB coupler-balanced pin pair JFET circuit integrated on InP for coherent detection
Potential use of oxygen absorption bands for aeronautical communications
Results of 1.2 GHz propagation experiments in Indonesia
Double-heterostructure Ga0.68In0.32P/Ga0.88In0.12As0.34P0.68//Ga0.68In0.32P orange light-emitting diodes
Electrical and optical properties of high performance MOCVD grown (AlxGa1−x)yIn1−yP visible light-emitting diodes
Selective W deposition on GaSb layers using SiH4 reduction of WF6
Structure of the U-band in neutron irradiated MOVPE grown N-GaAs epilayers
Ultrahigh-speed AlGaAs/GaAs ballistic collection transistors using carbon as p-type dopant
1% efficiency Al0.3Ga0.7As planar-doped-barrier electron emitters
Determination of ultrasonic attenuation in surface layer of materials by ultrasonic reflectivity measurement
Erratum: Forward error-correction codes in incoherent optical fibre CDMA networks
Erratum: Reduced-size neural networks through singular value decomposition and subset selection

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