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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 21, 14 October 1993

Volume 29, Issue 21

14 October 1993

New approximation technique for current distribution in microstrip array antennas
Numerical analysis of dielectric resonator antennas excited in quasi-TE modes
Computing centroids in current-mode technique
Novel PLL-based clock distribution scheme
Phase compensation of an OTA-C integrator for high-frequency continuous-time filters
Switched-transconductance techniques
Testing analogue functions using m-sequences
Approximation of BER performance for adaptive 2-DPSK-RAKE receivers
Improved shell mapping with coded modulation
Improvements in estimating the spectra of random PWM waveforms
Linear adaptive fractionally spaced equalisation of CDMA multiple-access interference
Modified simulation of the urban radio propagation radio channel (SURP)
Modified tracking loop for DS spread spectrum systems
Multiple-frequency slotted ALOHA in a shadowed and Rician faded radio environment
Number of neighbours for staged decoding of block coded modulation
Path-following approach to globally optimal vector quantiser design
Phase/frequency modulation employing array codes
Synchronising voiceband modems
Wavelet transform in scattering data interpolation
Bandwidth of crossbars for general reference model
Transmission of planar, cylindrical and spherical multiple dielectric layer systems
Accurate switched-current ladder filters based on active current mirrors
Map image segmentation based on thresholding and fuzzy rules
Checking of pseudorandom code reading correctness
Highly sensitive capacitance measurement for sensors
Method of lines for analysis of discontinuities in optical waveguides
Propagation loss characteristics of long silica-based optical waveguides on 5 inch Si wafers
22 GHz-bandwidth 1.5 μm compressively strained InGaAsP MQW ridge-waveguide DFB lasers
40 GHz pulse generation using a widely tunable all-polarisation preserving erbium fibre ring laser
Compensation fibre chromatic dispersion by optical phase conjugation in a semiconductor laser amplifier
Dynamics of SHB-Induced mode instabilities in uniform DFB semiconductor lasers
High-reflectance GaInP/GaAs distributed Bragg reflector
Infra-red AlGaAs and visible AlGaInP laserdiode stack
Laser-diode-pumped red and green upconversion fibre lasers
Nonlinear four-wave mixing in erbium-doped fibre amplifiers
Passive harmonic modelocking of a fibre soliton ring laser
Singlemode emission from a passive-antiguide-region vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser
Synchronously pumped, picosecond, ytterbium-erbium fibre laser
Tensile-strained AlGaInP single-quantum-well LDs emitting at 615 nm
Q factor of a resonator by the finite-difference time-domain method incorporating perturbation techniques
Generation of a neuron transfer function and its derivatives
Robust estimation of principal components by using neural network learning algorithms
100 Gbit/s all-optical demultiplexing using nonlinear optical loop mirror with gating-width control
Self-synchronised all-optical time-division multiple-access broadcast network
New highly efficient photorefractive polymer composite for optical-storage and image-processing applications
High-sensitivity 10 Gbit/s optical receiver with superlattice APD
Packaged, integrated DBF/EA-MOD for repeaterless transmission of 10 Gbit/s over 107 km standard fibre
The optoelectronic inductor: a new approach to high frequency, high Q active filters
Zero-bias edge-coupled InGaAs photodiodes in millimetre-wave radio-fibre systems
Characterisation of GaInP/GaAs double heterojunction bipolar transistors with different collector designs
Current gains of AlAs/GaAs tunnelling emitter bipolar transistors with 25–500 Å barrier thickness
Current-injection ECL/CML for AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs
Electron saturation velocity in Ga0.5Inp0.5P measured in a GaInP/GaAs/GaInP double-heterojunction bipolar transistor
High-speed InP/InGaAs HBTs operated at submilliampere collector currents
Impact ionisation in high-output-conductance region of 0.5 μm AlSb/InAs HEMTs
Improved thermal performance of AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs by transferring the epitaxial layers to high-thermal-conductivity substrates
Large-signal analysis of quasi-2-D physical model of MESFETs
Microwave characteristics of a carbon-doped base InP/InGaAs heterojunction bipolar transistor grown by chemical beam epitaxy
New structural approach for reducing punchthrough current in deep submicrometre MOSFETs and extending MOSFET scaling
Saturation region model for a-Si:H TFTs using a quasi-two-dimensional approach
Genetic design of minimum-time controllers
P+I form laws for combined adaptive control
Evaluation of a pulse compression technique for ultrasound speckle reduction
Erratum: Combined hierarchical placement algorithm for row-based layouts

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