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Electronics Letters

Volume 29, Issue 18, 2 September 1993

Volume 29, Issue 18

2 September 1993

High power, low-jitter encoded picosecond pulse generation using an RF-locked self-Q-switched multicontact GaAs/GaAlAs diode laser
Noise figure measurement of receiving active microstrip antennas
Field-dependence of the area-density of ‘cold’ electron emission sites on broad-area CVD diamond films
Spatio-spectral characteristics of a high power, high brightness CW InGaAs/AlGaAs unstable resonator semiconductor laser
Fully ion-implanted InP/InGaAs heterojunction FET fabrication in photodiode layer structure for monolithic integration
Performance of Pr-doped fluoride fibre amplifier for multichannel AM-VSB transmission
Optical time-domain reflectometry measurements in a 4 km fibre ring laser
Programmable analogue VLSI for radial basis function networks
Time evolution of polarisation mode dispersion in 120 km installed optical submarine cable
High resolution 50 nm linear displacement macroscale meander-line PZT actuator
Passively temperature-compensated nontunable fibre Fabry-Perot etalons
Set and reset operation dependence on input light intensity of a side-light-injection MQW bistable laser
780 nm band TM-mode laser operation of GaAsP/AlGaAs tensile-strained quantum-well lasers
Nd3+ doped singlemode fibre superfluorescent source with 320 mW output power
Magnification of mask fabricated fibre Bragg gratings
Explicit form for input output function of linear time variable ladder networks
Novel high bit rate Viterbi decoder for monodimensional trellis coded modulation on fading channels
Accurate and simple CMOS ‘one-over’ circuit
Algorithm for solving the Welch-Berlekamp key-equation, with a simplified proof
Effect of ion implanted germanium profile on the characteristics of Si1−xGex/Si heterojunction bipolar transistors
Low noise single frequency linear fibre laser
State assignment scheme for two-level logic implementation based on a simulated annealing algorithm with a fast cost estimation method
Photoconductive response times of InGaAs/InAlAs multiquantum well waveguide modulators
Deconvolution and Wiener filtering of short-range radiometric images
Stable blue second-harmonic generation in a KTP waveguide with a diode laser in an external cavity
Transparent optical signal regeneration using a nonlinear bistable device
Photo-acoustic probe for intra-arterial imaging and therapy
Optimisation method for feedforward linearisation of power amplifiers
Offset dual-patch antenna microstrip
High-power and high-temperature operation of eight-element, monolithic, 780nm MQW laser diode array on 50 μm centres
Adaptive least-squares bilinear interpolation (ALSBI): a new approach to image-data compression
Earth-satellite tree attenuation at 20 GHz: foliage effects
Characterisation of time resolution in electron beam measurements
Experimental investigation of Gordon-Haus limit on soliton transmission by using optical short pulses generated by an InGaAsP electroabsorption modulator
pMOS transistors for dosimetric application
Measurement technique for active microstrip antennas
Antenna performance enhancement by slotted microstrip patches
Fully automated interferometric PMD measurements for active EDFA, fibre optic components and optical fibres
Simple and elegant formulation of scattering in TLM nodes
Conditions for soliton generation in harmonically modelocked erbium-doped fibre lasers
Polarisation effects on BER degradation at 10 Gbit/s in an IM-DD, 1520 km optical amplifier system
Reduced angular sensitivity frequency selective surface
Lateral control of the bandgap in GaInAs/GaInAsP MQW structures using photoabsorption-induced disordering
Fabrication of chirped Bragg gratings in photosensitive fibre
First demonstration of two photon absorption in a semiconductor waveguide pumped by a diode laser
Four-level phase only, spatial light modulator
Improved plane-wave illumination for TLM method
New latch-up-free IGBT with low on-resistance
Room temperature operation of submicrometre radius disk laser
Point-by-point fabrication of micro-Bragg gratings in photosensitive fibre using single excimer pulse refractive index modification techniques
Erratum: Signal self-thresholding using wavelength-division multiplexed differential transmission for photonic ATM switches

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